New Cambria Slab Showroom

We are pleased to welcome you to our new Cambria showroom, it will help complete your vision and leave you brimming with new ideas.

Our showroom gives homeowners and professionals a convenient location to gain inspiration and design ideas, and experience the depth and movement in Cambria's trend-setting design palette.

The Wide View

Cambria Showroom Picture To truly appreciate any design, you must get the full effect. Browse rows of full-size Cambria quartz slabs in our showroom to get a sense of your design on a grand scale.

A Closer View

Cambria Slabs On Display An opportunity for a close up view of Cambrias incredible depth and colors.

Samples & Edge Profiles

Cambria Wall Display Here is our wall display of 12" x 12" Cambria samples. Unique edges will make your design of choice even more distinctive. Examine our edge style options to complement your countertop design.